We gather for worship at 10 AM on Sunday mornings in-person indoors in our Sanctuary. Virtual services will be available on Sundays at 12:00 PM.

Frankford Plains UMC welcomes all to our services!  Currently, during our time of COVID-19, we celebrate our services using inspirational recorded music, a children’s time, prayer, scripture, a sermon, time for community celebrations, and joys and concerns.

Special services are held throughout the year as well.  Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise near a cross in the meadow (if possible), Easter Service, and Christmas Eve are some of the highlights of our church calendar.

Join us for virtual worship Sundays at 10 AM – at https://www.facebook.com/frankfordplains/live

Expectation for Attendees of FPUMC’s In-Person Indoor Worship Services in Sanctuary:

  1. Attendees must wear a mask upon entering the Sanctuary.   Masks need to be worn throughout the service covering both the mouth and nose areas. 
  2. Attendees must implement social distancing (six feet apart) within the Sanctuary to the maximum extent practicable.
  3. Attendees must be willing to provide contact information to Greeter so that people can be contacted in the event someone contracts COVID-19.
  4. Currently, no Coffee hours or general socialization pre or post-service in-person under current rules, nor supported by GRNJAC.
  5. Bathrooms will be open.  Attendees can read the bathroom sign before use.
  6. The maximum capacity of the Sanctuary is 50 people in total.  This number includes all parishioners, as well as, the Pastor, Lay Reader, Organist, and/or Greeters. (50% of the 100 maximum permitted occupancy).

Who should or might want to consider not returning to In-Person Indoor Worship, rather continue to participate in Virtual Worship:

  1. Anyone who is concerned in any way about the health risks of attending, May not want to participate
  2. Anyone who does not wish to comply with social distancing rules wearing masks etc. Should not participate
  3. Anyone who has been, or may have been exposed to COVID-19 within the previous two weeks.  Should not participate
  4. Anyone who feels ill, or who has any recognized symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness.  Should not participate
  5. Anyone who has a compromised immune system or significant pre-existing health issues that may make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  May not want to participate
  6. Anyone who is in an identified high-risk category.  May not want to participate
  7. Anyone that has been out of NJ and in a state on NJ Governor Murphy’s two-week quarantine list– Should not participate

General Understandings of FPUMC’s In-Person Indoor Worship Service in Sanctuary

  1. Communication of the final plan once approved will need to be sent to the whole FPUMC church membership and regular attendees.
  2. Communion experience will be determined each time it is served.  
  3. Music will be of the recorded type and played through the sound system. 
  4. The projection screen or whiteboard will have the Order of Service or another option will be implemented as there will be no paper handouts
  5. No sharing of microphones so a minimum of two microphones must be available and cleaned before use and after
  6. Donations and tithes will be received by mail or online giving.  There will be a donation plate in the back of the Sanctuary for guests.
  7. The Nursery and in-person Sunday School will not be open during services.
  8. There will be no food or gathering after worship.
  9. Bathrooms will be open.
  10. All further indoor worship services will be suspended immediately if it is learned that an attendee of a previous service has become infected with COVID-19.  Resumption will be subject to guidance from public health officials.
  11. Services will be suspended if anyone in attendance refuses to comply with the rules under this plan.
  12. All plans are, of course, subject to further governmental orders and directives from the Conference. 

Responsibilities’ of FPUMC’s Greeter In-Person Indoor Worship Services in Sanctuary:

  1. The Greeter will wear a mask while greeting attendees.
  2. The Greeter will explain basic rules to visitors of the church.  There is no need to explain to the members of the church.  Script will be prepared for Greeter to support a safe worship experience. 
  3. The Greeter will identify all attendees (mostly using the church directory list) and make sure we have contact information.
  4. The Greeter will have masks and hand sanitizer available (if needed).  They will let the Administrative Assistant know when supplies become low.
  5. The Greeter can explain that donations will be collected by mail and online if someone asks.  Also, there will be a donation plate in the back of the Sanctuary 
  6. If visitors come to worship, the Greeter can answer questions and review rules.