Pastor Kris Hansen – Pastor

Pastor Kris has been serving at Frankford Plains UMC since July 1, 2019. Prior to her Clergy
appointment as a Licensed Local Pastor, she was an active lay person at the Morristown United
Methodist Church serving in multiple leadership roles and areas of passion: Co-President of United
Methodist Women’s local unit and called to social justice issues as part of their areas of
focus—women children and youth, Certified Lay Servant, Stephen Minister’s Leader, a member of
the Pastoral Team and regular leadership leader at both MUMC and First Dover UMC.
Her heart is with all people finding their way to knowing God’s love and Grace. Her call to being a
United Methodist is grounded in John Wesley’s understanding of Grace: Prevenient Grace,
Justifying Grace, and Sanctifying grace. Plus, the grace filled understanding that resonates within
her of the Wesley Quadrilateral—Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason, where scripture is
primary. She loves designing worship services including the images of worship and preaching.
Kris is the widow of her beloved husband Keith Hansen, mother of two adult children (Matt Hansen
and Katie Hansen Provel, the “Grammy” of Jessica Hope Provel, the mother in law to Gary Provel
and daughter to Dorothy Dewey. She feels called to work not only adults but with children and
youth. Kris loves the outdoors and supports directly Special Needs Scouts on their trail to Eagle
Scout from both a Troop and District level. Kris comes to pastoral ministry after over 42 years with
the Telecommunication Industry and a life time of laity ministry.

Other Staff Members 

Doris Delmont, Administrative Assistant

Kim Burse, Youth Director